Sarah website-13If you’re a dad reading this and you’re worried that having a doula will replace you in anyway please don’t. I will simply make life easier for you to do what you need to do and that is to support your partner in the most effective way. I won’t take over, but I will encourage you to be a part of this amazing journey.

This article explains it really well dads and doulas
Here’s what one of the dads I supported had to say about me….

“We decided that we wanted a doula as our plan was to have a homebirth. As it was our first child, we wanted someone that could help us prepare for the birth, help through the labour at home, and help us not be led in to a hospital birth if it wasn’t necessary. We chose Sarah as she appeared kind and professional, and both my wife and I got on well with her from our first meeting. Sarah was a great help in preparing for the birth,sorting out a home birthing pool for us and telling us what to expect from the birth. Throughout the labour, Sarah was there for both Jo and I, helping Jo move around the house and through contractions, as well as keeping me calm and reminding me to rest and eat throughout the night. After 12 hours of labour at home, a medical problem meant that we had to go into hospital. Sarah was very supportive for the both of us, especially as we felt our birth plan was going down the drain! From this point on, Sarah was fantastic, keeping me calm and still helping Jo through contractions, until a trip to theatre was needed, and baby Alice was born.  Overall, Sarah was a reassuring constant through the whole labour as midwives and doctors came and went, as well as a being great help and a calming influence making sure that we were in the best shape possible during the birth process, going out of her way to help us any way possible”.

Robin proud dad of Alice.


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