Me & my pool

Sarah website-9I live in Bournemouth with my lovely husband, my daughter (12) who is an animal crazy, chatterbox and my son (9) who farts and burps a lot. I love drinking coffee, I’m very easy going and almost ridiculously optimistic. I spend far too much time on my laptop reading about all things pregnancy/birth related and if I’m not working or hanging out with pregnant ladies at coffee mornings then you’ll probably find me on the beach with the kids and the dog. I’m not in anyway shape or form a hippy or a tree-hugger and I don’t have a collection of crystals or wear hemp knickers either.

I read about doulas during my first pregnancy, I thought it sounded fantastic and a little seed was planted in my brain. I thought about it often over the next few years and was finally able to begin my doula journey when my youngest went to nursery. The seed went on to grow into a big tree and here I am 7 years later, I’m doing what I love, helping families locally and drinking even more coffee. I’m just a mum who knows what a difference having continuous support can make on the journey into parenthood. Did I mention, I like coffee?

I have my own professional birth pool and wherever possible it is available for clients having a homebirth to use or to labour in before transferring to hospital. It’s a Birth Pool in a Box like the one shown. Mine even has a cup holder although that’s apparently for you and not for my coffee.

 I will happily organise the inflating, filling and emptying of the pool when you have your baby. It couldn’t be easier and it’s a lovely place to give birth.

“My husband and I are very grateful to Sarah for her fantastic help during and after my birth. I am originally from the Czech Republic and due to the fact that I was giving birth for the first time in the UK, I wanted help and support during the process. Sarah was recommended by an independent midwife during a hypnobirth workshop. Sarah is warm, friendly and also professional. She met my husband and I, to explain her role, asking how we as a couple, wanted to be supported. When my water broke I was given 24 hours for the labour to start in order to go to my chosen midwife led unit. Sarah visited us at home and gave me lots of reassurance. Shortly after her visit, the labour kicked off and our son was born in a water pool,  with Sarah present,  at my chosen midwife led unit!
Sarah visited me after the birth and supported me mentally as well as on a practical level. I strongly believe that without Sarah’s input, the process and the outcome of the labour could have been different. I also believe that because of my positive experience of giving birth I did not have a problem with bonding with my baby and breastfeeding. It is definitely worth paying the money. From all my heart, thank you Sarah!!”    
Veronika mum to baby William.


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