13920658_1056641014373191_2642981627250940612_nHello and welcome to my website, it will hopefully give you a little glimpse of me and what I can offer you as your doula. Congratulations on your pregnancy or new arrival, this is a very exciting time and you’ll have a lot of choices to make and your life is about to change in a big way.  If you are looking for some help you’ve come to the right place, whether you need support whilst you are preparing for your birth or you need some practical help adjusting to parenthood, having a doula makes all the difference.

I have helped lot’s of families on their birth journeys, some have needed practical help, others emotional support and some a bit of everything. Everyone has different expectations and so I offer everyone a service which is unique to them.

The most important thing about having a doula is finding someone you feel comfortable with and someone you can trust in. Having a doula can have the most amazingly positive effect on your birth experience but only if you find the right one for you, if you are interested in my help get in touch and we can meet for a coffee or chat over the phone, no obligation. My experience and knowledge is all very well but if we don’t click or your partner feels uncomfortable with me then maybe I’m not the doula for you. I may even be able to help find the right person to help you as I’m the Doula UK regional rep for E.Dorset.

MY TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE. I trained with Nurturing Birth in 2009 and then completed the certification process with Doula UK to become a recognised doula. I am currently the regional representitive for Doula UK. I like, whenever possible, to attend workshops and training courses related to my area of expertise. I have completed a Water Birth study day, Working with Women workshop and I am a certified Active Birth teacher. I also founded and run the very busy facebook group One Bump or Two 


Every birth I’ve supported has been totally different and the support I have given has varied accordingly, so it’s hard to put into words exactly what I do but I’ll try to give you some idea. Usually I spend many hours antenatally helping couples to prepare for a birth, this includes attending hospital appointments, going to antenatal classes and participating in pregnancy classes like hypnobirthing. I help with birth plans, gathering evidence based information to help make decisions and talking through all the choices.  I have been the sole birth-partner several times and at others I’ve been there just for the dad. At some births I’ve taken on a very active role, helping with different positions, rubbing backs and feet, supporting a mum physically and whispering words of encouragement to both parents when they’ve felt wobbly or scared. Sometimes I’ve needed to do very little other than protect a birthing mums space, by keeping the lights low and voices at a whisper. I’ve inflated birth pools, driven various people to and from the hospital, made tea for relatives and entertained siblings. Sometimes things don’t quite go to plan during a birth, these instances can be scary and having another calm, experienced person to explain the situation and help logistically is invaluable.

As your doula you can expect me to be there supporting you in any number of different ways before, during and after your birth, you can call on me if you’re worried, we will know each other and I will know what you want, I will stay by your side for as long as you need me, I will be supporting you and only you when your baby comes.

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My experience so far includes waterbirths, hypnobirths, VBAC (vaginal birth after a caesarean), single parents, epidural, homebirth and I have supported births in Bournemouth, Poole Dorchester and Southampton Hospitals.


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